Nubarr Gallery
Retrospective of Sixty Years of Paintings - Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Gouache and Chalk
Website Updated Jan9/2020

Welcome to the NUBARR Gallery - a virtual gallery featuring works from my private collection of original paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolours, gouache and chalk by Armenian-Canadian painter NUBARR (Noubar Sabag, Noubar Sabbaghian 1920-2006). He was an active painter, photographer and an instructor of fine art all of his life. The Gallery relies on periodic pop-up exhibitions to feature curated selections in addition to any others as requested.

The paintings featured on this website are selected from my private collection of over 300 artworks painted by NUBARR which I am offering for private sale. The selection is part of a vertical retrospective of works that span six decades of creativity reflecting an evolving journey through many styles expressing themselves in landscapes, seascapes, streetscapes, still life, abstract compositions and semi-abstract impressions. Most of the paintings have never previously been shown.

Although this website is organized as a web-store, it is not intended to be an ongoing commercial activity but rather only an interim portal to facilitate finding a home for most of the paintings.

As a private offer of sale from my private collection, prices posted are entirely subjective. I will accept cash, personal cheque or certain marketable securities. I would also consider accepting artwork as payment in kind, notably sculptures. In addition, through economy of scale and wholesale purchasing I have managed to minimize cost of frames to a fraction of their retail price. Prices posted on this site are “all-up” prices which also include frames and all applicable taxes (see Terms tab on this website).

This website is being populated with images of the paintings on an ongoing basis to include a preview of works which will be shown in the next exhibition. Should any of these interest you, you are welcome to request it to be shown or reserved for you. You may also request that any other painting of interest that is posted on the website be shown.

Shahé Sabag