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Retrospective of Sixty Years of Paintings - Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours, Gouache and Chalk
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Terms & Conditions [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Prices shown include all applicable Canadian taxes and are in Canadian dollars.

Watercolours, Gouache and Chalk
Watercolours, Gouache and Chalk paintings are mounted on acid free foamcore backing with museum grade linen mounting tape, and matted with conservation grade acid free whitecore matboard. 

When unframed, these are sold mounted cased in a clear plastic sleeve. They are otherwise framed in a gold tinted wooden frame with clear plexiglass that is lighter than glass and shatter free, but is less resistant to scratching and should be cleaned only with plexi cleaning fluids (not with usual solvent based glass cleaners such as windex). Please consult the web on maintaining plexiglass.  Framing fasteners (point clips) are flexible and can be readily bent (folded) back to remove the mounted painting.

Oil and Acrylic Paintings
Majority of the paintings are painted in acrylic paint, though some of older vintage are in oil. Despite efforts to clearly identify the nature of paint used, it has been impossible, even with expert consultation, to definitively establish whether some of the paintings are painted in oil or acrylic.

With the exception of a handful of paintings which are varnished with dilute Liquitex acrylic varnish, any paintings which were varnished during restoration and cleaning were varnished using removable Gamvar varnish. Ask me.

Shipping & Handling
Sale prices shown on this website exclude cost of shipping and handling. Cost of shipping, handling, packaging and any related landing or border clearing charges are borne by the buyer.

Paintings can be shipped anywhere by a multitude of methods at a range of prices. The foregoing can be determined or estimated prior to shipping. While watercolours are easily packaged and shipped in flat format, the larger oil/acrylic paintings often attract oversize charges and require special packing to protect them during shipping. Framed watercolours, with plexiglass instead of glass, can be shipped with confidence. I won’t ship glass. 

My cost of handling/packaging is approximately $50 per package which may include up to three or so paintings (packages are sandwiched between sheets of rigid insulation board and wrapped in cardboard).

I might be able to arrange free shipping or delivery within the Greater Toronto Area, or arrange for pick-up. Ask me.

In selling any of the paintings, no warranty is given in any respect whatsoever other than a warranty that they are indeed painted by NUBARR.


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